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Free library for creating and editing ESRI ShapeFiles
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Welcome to BytesFall ShapeFiles

BytesFall ShapeFiles (bfShapeFiles for short) is a free library for creating and editing ESRI ShapeFiles. It is written in PHP and licensed under the GNU GPL. bfShapeFiles implements all the 2D shapes defined here. It allows you to create and edit the ShapeFile itself (.shp), the index file (.shx) and the information file (.dbf), you can define the structure of the DBF file. The library currently is in a very early stage of development, most functionalities are working, but a lot of improvemenent is possible in the routines.

Latest news

BytesFall ShapeFiles 0.0.2
Fri, 05 Jan 2007 17:10:18 GMT
BytesFall ShapeFiles v0.0.2 was just released, this version is mainly a bugfix release but also includes a change in the way that the file names are passed to the class, in order to make the proccess more intuitive. (0 comments)

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